Roller Blinds

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We propose different solutions to create Laser Blocking Roller Blinds. Our products are CE compliant and certified to the EN60825-4 and/or EN12254.
They are the best solution to make hidden barriers to protect windows, or doors  only when the laser is in use.
Our Roller Blinds are manufatured using out Laser Blocking Material (for more detailed info visit the page ” Laser Blocking Curtains “) and can be made black or white.
They can be manually controlled, with chain or crank, or motorized with AC or DC motors, and wireless or wired switch. Laser Safety Switches can be applied to make sure the blinds is in the exact position.
We have selected Lasermet Ltd as a partner for laser safety in order to guarantee the best quality and competences to our customers.

Main Specifications:

  • Certified to EN 60825-4
  • High Protection Level
  • Professional and nice looking
  • Manual or motorized
  • Wireless or wired switches available
  • Easy to integrate with interlock systems through ICS-6 controller

For more information or support on this product, please feel free to contact our experts:

Our partner

Laser Optronic S.r.l.
Via B. Quaranta, 57
20139 Milano – IT
P.I. 06109950151
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Tel:      +39 02 574651

Ufficio di Roma
Via N. Tommaseo, 3
00063 Campagnano di Roma (RM) – IT
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Tel:       +39 06 9041786

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