Laser Blocking Curtains

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We propose different solutions to create Laser Blocking Curtains. Our products are CE and certified to the EN60825 and/or EN12254. They are an excellent solution to make perimeter barriers when using Class 4 or Class 3R Laser.
Our models differs for material and optical resistance characteristics.  All the Laser Blocking Curtains are designed and manufactured in customized size to enhance the product flexibility.  We can complete them with eyelets and easily hang them on a bar, and velcro to connect one with the other or simply apply them to window frame or surface.
We selected Lasermet Ltd as a partner for laser safety in order to guarantee the best quality and competences to our customers.

Model ORCA

Highest protection level. Available Black-Black or Black-White

Model WOLF

Slightly lower protection level. For very extended areas, thanks to light weight.

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