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We propose Class 1 Laser Safety Enclosures certified to EN 60825.  If you are looking for a safety cell for R&D, or for a laser station to be integrated into a production line, our solutions are the best option to make it safe, professional and compliant with the normatives.
The laser safety enclosures are designed according to your needs, and our technical department can develop the best solution together with your team, adding the experience and knowledge we have accmulated over the years.
We have chosen Lasermet Ltd as a partener on Laser Safety, and we can guarantee high competences and quality to our customers.

The enclosures are made of modular panels 100mm thick: they composed of two layer of steel and a specific material able to absorb laser radiation up to many kW optical power without the need for active barriers.
each enclosure is completed with an Interlck Controller e safety switches on each access, in order to make the solution Class 1 and with safety level PLe.
We can complete the enclosures with windows (active or passive) service doors or customized doors, laser labyrinth for loading and unloading work pieces in production line and more.
In case your laser has an optical power higher than our limit for passive solution, we can propose active barriers, making your enclosure able to work with laser of any level of power.

Main characteristics of our enclosures:

  • Class 1 certified to EN 60825
  • Compliant with Machinery Directive
  • Interlock Controller included
  • Ple (Performance Level e)
  • Easy interface to your PLC
  • Modular panels to reduce costs
  • Quick installation
  • Turnkey solution

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